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What is Search Engine Optimization and How Does it Work?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategy used to drive traffic to a website by boosting its visibility. Rankings on a search engine results page (SERP) are referred to as "unpaid" or "organic” results.

SEO has 3 core principles:

1- Identify your most important keywords 2- Infuse those keywords into your website 3- Have other websites link to your website

Why Is It Necessary?

When a website is optimized, it is providing easily digestible "information" to search engines. By following SEO guidelines set forth by Google, Yahoo and Bing, businesses can increase their “organic” rankings, thus attracting additional website traffic and qualified leads.

If your business is local, SEO is an even more important marketing tool. Local listings often include maps, reviews and phone numbers and appear above regular “organic” results. In addition, you can use paid search click data to inform your SEO decisions.

SEO is about marketing. You can build the perfect website. But If it is not infused with the right keywords, it can remain relatively invisible to search engines and will rarely be displayed.

Constantly Evolving

The strategies behind SEO are fluid and it is our job to stay on top of industry updates. This persistent attention to SEO is essential for any business wishing to remain competitive online.

Businesses are constantly competing for online attention. For certain keywords, placement on the first page of Google search results can lead to immeasurable return on your investment. We use cutting-edge SEO knowledge to devise and implement a long-term strategy aimed at increasing visibility, traffic and leads.

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